Metairie #70

Metairie #70 Officers

WA – Emily Duckworth
WAA – Madison Graf
Charity – Grayce Mores
Hope – Heather White
Drill Leader – Cheyenne Cook
Confidential Observer – Caroline Graf

Grand Officers
Heather White – Grand Hope
Grayce Mores – Grand Drill Leader
Emily Duckworth – Acting Grand Outer Observer
Madison Graf – Acting Grand Choir Director

Grand Representatives
Emily Duckworth, Grand Rep. to NJ, TN and SC
Madison Graf, Grand Rep. to AL and VA

Theme:  Wish Dream, Inspire
Wish Upon a Star and Your Dreams will Inspire you to do Great Things
Colors:  Teal, Baby Pink, Lavender, Gray
Flower: Gardenias
Song: “Broken Vessels” by Hillsong
Mascot:  Eleanor, the Elephant
Service Project:  Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade
Scripture:  Matthew 4:4 “It is written:  Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every work that comes from the mouth of God.”


Mrs. Laura Duckworth, PGWA